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Discrimination Law

Discrimination Law | The Law Offices Of John A Stonich | San Jose, CA

It is often that our clients in the San Jose, CA area have a discrimination case and actually do not realize it. It never hurts to tell an employment lawyer what is going on and see if something can be done. A company is not allowed to discriminate against an employee based on their age, sex, religion, race or if they have a disability. According to labor laws anyone who violates these mandates are guilty of violating discrimination laws.

Only an employment lawyer can tell you what your chances are in filing a case. We received questions all the time from people who are concerned about a situation going on in their place of employment. If the client is involved in one of the above listed issues, such as religion or race, then you could have a case. It happens all the time; someone offers a promotion in exchange for sexual favors. While Hollywood has glamorized this type of relationship, it is illegal and those who make such offers can face violating the discrimination laws.

An employment lawyer will review the case and make sure a violation of discrimination laws have occurred. Then they will attempt to contact the other party. If a settlement cannot be reached it will be taken to the court room. It is everyone’s right in this country to live and work without being harassed for things that are out of their control. There are laws, discrimination laws, to protect someone who is being unfairly treated.