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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions | The Law Offices Of John A Stonich | San Jose, CA

A. My boss has made several advances toward me sexually; do I have a case for violation of discrimination law?

Anytime anyone in the workplace does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and you ask them to stop and they do not it is grounds for harassment. Whether the instance happened once or several times it is still a violation of the law. An employment lawyer can evaluate the case and let you know if your rights have been violated.

B. I was involved in an accident in San Jose, CA do I need a personal injury lawyer to get my expenses paid?

Accidents happen all the time, especially in the busy roads of San Jose, CA. If you have an injury that will impair your life for good, as a result of this accident, you could have a case. A personal injury lawyer will evaluate the conditions and the problems that will affect your life because of the accident and can let you know if you have a good case. Not every accident results in a lawsuit, but on the other hand many do and they never file.

C. My mother was killed due to a pain patch her doctor prescribed; do I need a wrongful death attorney to win against the pharmaceutical company?

Fighting a pharmaceutical company is a big task, but it can be done. Medications have been documented and have caused deaths to many people, even if they were being taken correctly. A wrongful death attorney will help you acquire damaged on behalf of a loved one and this is a case that no one should attempt without a well skilled wrongful death attorney like us.

D. I fell outside a restaurant due to a brick that was messed up in the sidewalk; can a personal injury lawyer get me the money for my medical bills?

Whether you need an employment lawyer or a personal injury lawyer, we can help you. We have helped many clients who have slip and trip accidents get their medical bills paid plus additional money.

E. My father died and the family thinks that it is time to bring in a wrongful death attorney. We just do not feel his procedure that caused his death was done properly.

Fighting a large entity like a hospital is never easy. However, we have an excellent record in dealing with hospitals and medical clinics as a wrongful death attorney. Whether you need a personal injury lawyer or representation in other cases, we can help.